About us

Hi! My name is RICCO.

I’m a managing director, producer, composer, and author of the libretto and lyrics, as well as the only actor of the travelling puppet theatre “RICCO dolls”.

I have received an academic musical education. Therefore, as you might imagine, all the shows of “RICCO dolls” theatre are full of music.

I stick to the opinion that shows for the children should be educational, at the same time keeping the attention and sustaining the dynamics of the story.

I try to achieve this by presenting instructive ideas through humor. Those moments are present in all my puppet shows.

Then, what’s more, I involve the audience in my shows. How is that achieved? At the beginning – through dialogues, where the puppets are talking among themselves, and then, between other things, asking questions to the children.

When the children are already involved in the show, the puppets come up with the idea to dance or to make specific moves, and invite children to join them and dance together.

That helps children to keep their attention all through the show. In this way, the audience is directly involved in the action.

The Three Little Piglets

I try to avoid scenes of violence on the stage as much as possible. For example, in the last scene of the show “The Tree Little Piglets” where, according to an old English fairytale, the three pigs give the wolf a beating, the piglets of my show bite the wolf’s tale. I hope that Englishmen will forgive me that…

I have been working with educational and entertaining programs for children since 1986.
I have been in charge of the international children’s music TV festival “Sauleszaķis” for 3,5 years.
Wide vocal experience in jazz and a voice with great compass allow me to work with at least 18 puppets in one show.

All puppets are exclusive and made to fit the technique I use.