Musical-serial “Garlic”

Each part can be ordered and wached separately irrespective of their esquence.

1. Season „Adventures of the Garlic-Boy in a City”  Download the poster

Fascinating musical adventure tail about the Garlic-Bulb’s doings on his way to the „cinema”. The little spectators will help him to cross the streets in a big city and choose good friends. Children take part in dances. The ending of the story is happy.
Topics, touched upon in the play – eating habits, negative aspects of using the computer, safety on roads and friendship.
Starring the Garlic Boy, a Red Radish, a Cabbage, the Little Beet-Root, a Wise Pumpkin, a Cola Girl, the Chips, a Computer.
Hand-lead puppets. Created by Ricco. The voicing and songs – live. Instrumental accompaniment – recorded.
The target audience – 2,5+

Length 40 min.

Excerpt from the show

2. The Garlic Boy goes to school  Download the poster

Continuation of the adventures of The Garlic Boy at school. We will watch the lessons at school (learning the seasons, about the animals, English, guessing riddles and the break). But there are intruders: the girl called Cola, the Chips and the PC. The children participate at the lessons and also show the dolls how friendly they are. Performers – 8 hand dolls: The Garlic Boy, The Radish, The Beetroot, The Cabbage, Teacher Pumpkin, The Cola Girl, The Chips, The Computer.

Excerpt from the show

3. The Garlic Boy at the shopping centre  Download the poster

Now we follow the adventures of the Garlic Boy in the shopping centre. We will get to know how to fight microbes. The shop-assistant is offering anything but the little spectators will help The Garlic Boy understand who are his real friends. Even when the Garlic Press is so close and there is almost no hope for the Garlic Boy, little Dino is offering help and takes the Garlic Boy to the jungle. This part deals with the following themes: washing hands and brushing teeth, why shouldn’t we buy everything offered by the shop-assistant, how to tell who is a friend and who is not. Performers – 18 hand dolls: The Garlic Boy, The Radish, The Beetroot, The Cabbage, The Clever Pumpkin, The Cola Girl, The Chips, The Computer, The Shop-assistant, The Candies, The Chupa Chups, 3 Microbes, Dino.

Excerpt from the show

4. The Garlic Boy visiting dinosaurs  Download the poster

These are the adventures of the Garlic Boy in the jungle. Little Dino had saved The Garlic Boy from the sharp teeth of the Garlic Press and invited him to visit his family in the jungle. And The Garlic Boy meets The Good Dinosaur Mummy and experiences the attack of Dragon. This time it is Dino who is in trouble. But the little spectators will tell The Garlic Boy that he should help his friend. In the end The Garlic Boy understands that the world is not fair. In order to change it he finds The Good Magician who takes him to the East. This part deals with: mother’s love, laws of the jungle, friendship and justice.

Performers – 8 hand dolls: The Garlic Boy, Dino, The Good Dinosaur Mummy, Giraffe, Dragon, The Little Monkey, The Frog Girl, The Crow, The Good Magician.

Excerpt from the show

5. The Garlic Boy visiting Eastern Magicians  Download the poster

We continue with the adventures of The Garlic Boy in the East. He wants to make the world better – without hatred and violence. The friendly Little Camel takes him to all the magicians but they are not so many and this explains why there is no order in the East as well. The main magic words have been forgotten, but in spite of different misunderstandings The Garlic Boy gets to know them. Unfortunately The Little Witch pronouncing these words suddenly hiccoughed and that was why The Garlic Boy occurred in the Space…

In this part we deal with the questions – why should we save the world, even the magicians have their drawbacks, the main magic words.

Performers – 9 hand dolls: The Garlic Boy, The Little Camel, The Cunning Snake, The Magician- Bidder, The Bright Head, Dragon, The Frog, The Little Witch, The Good Magician.

Excerpt from the show

6. The Garlic Boy in the Space  Download the poster

In the result of the faulty magic The Garlic Boy followed by The Frog (bewitched Bad Dinosaur) is flying in the Space. He discovers that there are many different planets. But he still cherishes the idea to change the world. Affected by The Space Microbes The Garlic Boy finds himself on the Planet of Laziness and in the power of The Big Idler. There he discovers that Waste can cause evil. The Space Pumpkin discloses The Secret. Then The Garlic Boy gets rid of Laziness, clears out Waste and The Microbes and jumps into – the ocean.
In this part we deal with the following: the bad influence of laziness, how to live without making waste around us, how to get rid of bad habits.
Performers – 9 hand dolls: The Garlic Boy, The Frog Girl, 3 Space Microbes, The Big Idler, The Little Space Lobworm, The Space Pumpkin, The Waste.

Excerpt from the show

7. The Garlic Boy in the ocean

In the ocean The Garlic Boy sees the beautiful underwater world, the ideal world. But soon he discovers that all the inhabitants are controlled by The Giant Octopus. The Garlic Boy makes friends with The Dolphin who tells him the legend about The Octopus. Together they give Octopus back the ability to feel love. But then The Garlic Boy realizes that his friends on the Earth need him there. And he is going back home.
This part  teaches:

That there are imperfections even in the ideal world…

That friendship is a duty…

That everybody needs love…
Performers – 8 hand dolls: The Garlic Boy, The Giant Octopus, The Dolphin, The Frog Girl, The Seahorse, The Goldfish, The Pearl Oyster, The Coral King.

Excerpt from the show

8. “The Garlic Boy aboard the Pirate Ship”

In the ocean the Garlic Boy finds his underwater friends. He makes friends with the octopus but then he finds out that his terrestrial friends – vegetables – are waiting for him on the Earth. He bids farewell to the inhabitants of the ocean, risesto the surface and find himself on the pirate ship. But the pirates have captured Santa Claus and they are planning something even worse – to steal Christmas…

The Garlic Boy is getting help from the ocean creatures.

The themes of the show.

– Bad work – it is bad, indeed…

– No one should take away celebrations…

– We must always help our friends…

There are 9 hand puppets: the Garlic Boy, the Octopus, the Dolphin, the Gold fish, the Pirate Captain, the Pirate Boatswain, the Captain’s Parrot, the Chips and Santa Claus.

Excerpt from the show

9. „The Garlic Boy visiting Santa Claus”

The Garlic Boy and Santa Claus are on their way to North. As time is pressing, The

Garlic Boy wants to help Santa Claus at the Present Factory. He joins the hard-working

Dwarfs and the Big Troll. But the Pirates have decided to steal all the beautiful presents

and spoil the Christmas pleasure. They arrive at the Factory dressed as Santa and push the

real Santa Claus into a big box. What a pity! But at the last moment our Garlic Boy

arrives to give him a helping hand…

The themes of the show:
– If people help each other, they can do the impossible…
– On Christmas we should be together…

There are 10 hand puppets: Santa Claus, the Garlic Boy, the Pirate Boatswain, the Pirate Captain, the Captain’s Parrot, four Dwarfs and the Troll.

The children are singing along and participating in the dances.

The hand dolls are made to fit a special technique.

All voices in the texts and the songs are performed live.

Instrumental accompaniment and mixed sound effects recorded in the Studio Smaidas.

Excerpt from the show